Mobile App “UnitechAmicus” can be downloaded from Google Store or Using the link. The Mobile App is Voluntary & a Paid App, by which all updates relating to Unitech Matter are Automatically sent to the User of Mobile App so that he /she may take timely action whenever required.The Mobile app also contains dedicated pages to FD holders. NOTE!! Registration on Mobile App will not mean Registration On Amicus Website Mobile APP “UnitechAmicus” Note!! There is No Compulsion to Download the Mobile App.

Claim Submission Portal for Holders of Unitech Fixed Deposits Update dt 29.10.20 see bottom

This website has been created for amicus curiae, Mr. Pawanshree Agrawal, (Advocate on Record) to enable depositors to claim a refund of their fixed deposits from Unitech, pursuant to Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 30.10.2017.Order dated 20.1.2020 Order Dt 7.7.2020 Order Dt 31.7.2020 Order dt 14.8.20
Mobile App “UnitechAmicus” Resolution Plan Submitted by New Board Before Supreme Court . Any Email/suggestion sent to any other Email id other than amicusunitech at gmail.com shall not be taken into account. FD Disbursement Advance Receipts are mailed to the FD holders (Sr Citizens as per the List ),From email id mail at fd.amicusunitech.in Last date for submission of Documents is 20.9.2020. Check spam/junk folder also for email.


FD Advance Receipt Verification List Dt 29.10.2020 !!! FD Holders _FD LIST OF REFUND OF FD HOLDERS DATED 17.2.2020 IN FURTHERANCE OF ORDER DATED 12.12.2019. The FD list below includes only the names of FD holders who have registered on the website portal & 60 Years and Above Before 30.6.2019.__
~~FINAL FD Advance Verif List 29.10.2020 AND File No 6 AND List OF Already Paid(Principal Amount) FD Holders By Unitech STATUS REPORT 29.7.2020

Documents required for registration:

The following documents should be readied before using this website to register a claim:

  • Scanned copy of the depositor's Photo ID (any one of the following: Aadhar Card, PAN Card,Passport or DL).
  • Scanned copy of Fixed Deposit
  • Scanned copy of order of the Court (if any)

If you need assistance, you may WhatsApp (message) +91 9818633606 on weekdays between 6-7 PM only__. This is not the mobile number of the amicus curiae

Note: Depositors should retain the original fixed deposit uploaded here for future verification, if the need so arises.